Educational Visit to Historical Places by the Students of Hajvery University (HU)

An Educational visit to the Historical Badshahi Masjid & Lahore Fort was arranged for B.Com & B.A students of Hajvery University (HU) by Ms. Rozi Rizvi, accompanied by Ms. Shaukat Jahan. Participating Students were studying the Urdu Drama “Anarkali” so their Tour to Shahi (Qilla) Fort allowed them to appreciate the historical context. The students indulged themselves in the majesticness of it all, as they were explained each scene in detail not by a guide but by their...Read More

HU Engineering Students Education Visit to Lahore Museum

The art and cultural society of the HAJVERY University organized a visit to the museum on Thursday 4th oct 2012. The purpose of the visit was to create awareness and understanding of the culture of the subcontinent specifically the Muslim culture was explored and researched in depth. Students were greatly eager and excited to observe Indus valley, Gandhara, Mughal art, and Arians culture. The students of HU asked thought provoking questions from the teachers and the guide. The guide Miss....Read More

Changing Perspective...

In some ways it is astonishing how fast you adapt and don’t notice certain practices. I only realized on my tenth day, that there are armed police-men and soldiers on nearly every street corner. Showing my passport to strangers, when entering the army’s city area and walking through security scanner gates multiple times a day is part of the ordinary life here in Lahore. Everybody is so nonchalant about it, that you don’t notice it at first. Merely now I see it as a symbol of how fragile...Read More

HU Media Students Educational Tour to City 42 Channel

HU School of Media Studies arranged an Educational Tour to the news channel - City 42, which broadcasts news and events about Lahore. The purpose of the educational tour was to create awareness amongst media studies students about the various various departments of a news channel: how it functions? how it broadcasts its programs? how it collects, edits and delivers news? Media Studies students were all too eager to visit City 42, and learn the ropes of broadcasting.  One of their Professors...Read More

Educational Tour to Pacific Pharmaceuticals by HU Pharmacy Students


ajvery University (HU), School of Pharmacy arranged an Educational Tour of Batch 6 & 7 Students to Pacific Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd in July 2013. Such Educational Tours allow Pharmacy Students to gain first hand experience of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan. The Production Manager at Pacific Pharmaceuticals warmly welcomed HU students and described how the Quality Control (Q.C) Department works to ensure the standards are being...Read More

Educational Tour of Ibrahim Fibres Ltd by Textile Design Students of Hajvery University (HU)

01 Mar, 2013 - Hajvery University (HU) & Ibrahim Fibres Ltd (IFL) arranged an Educational Tour  of IFL plants in Faisalabad on Saturday, Feb 23, 2013.  IFL is among Pakistan's leading manufacturers of polyster staple fibre  and yarn. Their progressive approach towards Total Quality Management (TQM), and sustainable expansion has allowed them to establish a competitive edge in the Industry. The aim of this Educational Tour was to give the students of Textile Design an insight...Read More