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Tahir Khokhar

My name is Tahir Khokhar and I’m sharing experience of “A Day at Hajvery University”
Entering the university gate the green ground welcomes me to a new day at Hajvery University. Walking up the stairs of the university I think about the class which I am going to attend. It is a tense yet wonderful feeling. In my class the never-ending rows of chairs are almost full as I look for a seat. At 9:30 sharp the professor comes in the class. At first I am quite tense but eventually my nerves wear off and a sense of comfort comes over me. After attending the first one-and-a-half hour class I am tired. Thankfully, all the students at HU get a half hour break between the lectures. I take this opportunity to visit the beautiful green lawn outside. Sitting under the sun in the winter and under the trees shade in the summer is refreshing. It charges me up for my next class. After the second class I am free for the whole day. 
I usually try to explore new places in what is now my campus. If I start feeling bored I move to the euro campus to meet friends. Some of them are in the volunteer committee in the university. They are usually busy in their work and I try to do my best to help them. When there is nothing left for me to do I visit the computer lab where there is a number of computers. I choose one at random, sit in front of it and start my research usually about the topic I have recently studied in the class. If I don't find anything on the internet I visit the HU library where I find shelves and shelves of books waiting to be read. The environment is quite calm and peaceful and I enjoy reading books there. As soon as I finish doing my research on a particular topic I call my friends. We often make plans to have lunch together in the HU cafeteria. There is a variety of products to pick from. The environment in the cafeteria is fun. Everyone is eating and having a great time. In the cafeteria we usually talk about what we have studied and done during the day. After having our lunch we pack up and leave the University. Waiting for the next day, bringing in new lesson for us to learn.