HU Debating Society (HUDS)


HUDS is considered a prestigious outfit that helps students in the art of debating / declamations. The process of debate offers profound and lasting benefits for individuals, for societies and for the global community as a whole. With its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork, debate teaches skills that serve individuals well in school, in the workplace, in political life and in fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of democratic societies. HUDS allows you to become an articulate individual, who can express their point of view, persuade or dissuade a crowd, or an individual on social, political or economical issues.



  • HUDS will endeavor to organize workshops on the Art of Public Speaking


  • Arrange Debating Competitions routinely at several levels: Inter-Faculty, Inter-University, All Pakistan, furthermore participate in the reputable Declamation Contests & Debates held by other Institutions, and HEC.



The student body of HU Debating Society (HUDS) organized the thriving event “Inter-University Debating Championship Cup” on 10th October 13. Debating teams from 20 universities around Pakistan participated in Hajvery University Debating Cup. The debate was bilingual and all participating institutions had speakers for both Urdu and English. The audience had the chance to hear the young people’s opinions for and against “Does Internet need censorship” in English and “نگاہِ مردِ مومن سے بدل جاتی ہیں تقدیریں” in Urdu.

Government College University (GCU) Lahore won the Trophy for Urdu Debate and FAST won the Trophy for English Debate. 350+ people attended the HU Debating Cup. Since the event was met with huge enthusiasm by both audience and participants.