HU Career Development Society (HUCDS)


Getting started on the right foot in your career can make all the difference. HUCDS allows you to become a proficient individual, who can realize his/her true aptitude, evade his/her confusion in setting goals and know what career options are out there and what are best in his/her interest. Career development skills include the skills of understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and needs and wants; of being able to identify relevant opportunities, and access information on them; of being able to take career-related decisions; and of being able to present oneself effectively in order to gain access to courses or jobs.



HUCDS will conduct workshops on vocational counseling, educational counseling and personal counseling.

  • Vocational counseling includes comprehensive career guidance; exploration of further study pathways; resume writing, interview techniques and other job seeking skills.

  • Educational counseling includes assessing learning difficulties and developing intervention strategies and study skills to maximize educational outcomes.

  • Personal counseling includes support for issues that may be interfering with studies. Some examples are depression, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety



HUCDS will conduct Career Fair in April 2014 that will provide HU students a great way to network with local professionals, find ways to become more involved in community, and to keep their options open. Networking with other business professionals will allow students the opportunity to build their credentials, develop career and find a mentor within community.