Involve yourself

"If academics are the HEART of the University, student engagement is the SOUL"

Welcome HU students! Make the most of your experiences at Hajvery University by getting involved. Balance your time for learning, leading and living by participating in activities with other students who share your same interests. Build your skills, create friendships and become a part of the exciting things happening on our campus.

Prepare, Enjoy, Involve and Inform Yourself. The goal of Student Life is to provide our students with the total HU experience. That means supporting student opportunities for learning, involvement, leadership, community building, and creative expression that go way beyond the classroom. Get involved, join a student org, attend a concert, and see what Student Life has to offer you at HU. 

The academic excellence of HU is well known. Less well known is our stress on a well rounded student, knowledgeable in more than just their chosen profession. The aim of our broad based curriculum is to give our student an enriched all-round intellectual life because we recognize that universities must prepare students not only for the hours they spend at their jobs, but also for the many more hours of their leisure time and personal lives. Outside of the classrooms, HU also works hard and thoughtfully to groom our students and provide enriching experiences.