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Student Organizations:

Debating Society (HUDS):
Words are empowering; a Good speaking skill is the tool, so whatever your aspirations maybe in life, your public speaking skills can be greatly beneficial to your personal and professional well being. HUDS allows you to become an articulate individual, who can express their point of view, persuade or dissuade a crowd, or an individual on social, political or economical issues.

Performing Art & Dramatics Society (HUPADS):
HUPADS strive to promote dramatics as an enjoyable hobby and a vehicle to develop new skills and endeavor to provide a supportive and open atmosphere upon which we can help our members evolve and grow and provide platform for students to write, direct and produce the drama and facilitate the students to sparkle their hidden talent of social life, promote the civilization in a positive way.

Photography Society (HUPS):
HUPS has been created to enhance the artistic abilities of students and to bring all types of photographers together to share their information, experience and knowledge in every aspect of photography as an art form and welcomes members who enjoy photography at all experience levels.

Newsletter & Yearbook Society (HUNYS):
HUNYS has been created to augment the events, conferences, seminars and symposiums of HU by covering and giving configuration to all these in Newsletter and HU will publish it. Newsletter & Yearbook is a superior way to promote HU events and provide glimpse to outsiders

Career Development Society (HUCDS):
Getting started on the right foot in your career can make all the difference. Career Development is the accumulation and cultivation of skills and knowledge that enable a student to advance or grow in the field of his or her choice. HUCDS will venture to put in order workshops on vocational counseling, educational counseling and Personal counseling.

OIKOS Chapter (HUOS):
OIKOS stands at the forefront of a growing momentum towards sustainable development at universities around the world. OIKOS objectives
1. Increase awareness for sustainability opportunities and challenges focusing on students of management and economics 
2. Create institutional support for these learning processes

Alumni Society:
HU has a lot to offer its students in terms of academic possibilities as well as opportunities to develop and nurture their talents outside of class settings. As indicators of HU accomplishments, HU Alumni’s represent the university in their professional life after graduating. They form a huge chapter of the university's History and pride. For this reason, we here at Hajvery University believe in giving back. This society allows the Alumni’s to organize themselves in order to do so.
HU is a strong advocate of internationalization; as such it took an initiative to develop linkages with AIESEC, which is a Global Youth Organization that facilitates international student exchange and internship programs around the globe. Network includes over 86,000 members in 124 countries and territories. It is the largest students run organization in the world, being present in over 2,400 universities across the globe, provides more than 24,000 leadership experiences to its members and sends students and graduates on 20,000 international exchanges yearly.