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Great Minds visit HU: Brilliant Minds and Exceptional Thinkers visit HU for a keynote address to enlighten students.

23 April 2014, 12:00 am Written by
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Event Category: Signature Event 

Date & Time: TBA .

Expected Guest: Mr. Asad Umar
Venue : HU Euro Campus, Auditorium

Society: Career Development Society
Time & Location of Event: 10 am till 12pm 
Time & Location of Event: 10 am  till 12 pm 

Description of Event:

  • Student Societies Executive council is chosen after Interviews and Group Activity.  The Student Societies Executive Council will take Oath regarding their responsibilities and duties.

Date: TBA

Time & Location of Event:  09atill 12pm in Euro Campus, Auditorium

Society: Career Development Society

Description of Event:
  • The career development workshop will be on C.V writing and Mock interviews.
    Expert HR personnel will come to provide their experiences in this regard.
  • The targeted students will be mainly from last semesters so this workshop help them to start their professional career, know how to write good C.V and about preparing for interviews.


Pink Ribbon Awareness Campaign

5 April 2014, 12:00 am Written by
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Description: Pink Ribbon is Shaukat Khanum Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for Girls.
Event Category: December Event
Date: TBA

Event Category: Signature Event & Calendar Event

Time & Location of Event: 0 4 pm till 09pm in Euro Campus, Lawn

Society Involved: Photography Society

School Involved: HU School of Fashion & Design

Event will be sponsored by selling passes @ Rs: 25 0