HUCDS will conduct workshops on vocational counseling, educational counseling and personal counseling.

  • Vocational counseling includes comprehensive career guidance; exploration of further study pathways; resume writing, interview techniques and other job seeking skills.

  • Educational counseling includes assessing learning difficulties and developing intervention strategies and study skills to maximize educational outcomes.

  • Personal counseling includes support for issues that may be interfering with studies. Some examples are depression, low self-esteem, stress , time management, conflict management and anxiety.

Internships Program 

  • Add your resume to database of CPD .CPD will facilitate you in finding internships

  • Search job database.  

International Exchange Program 

HU is a strong advocate of Internationalization; as such it took an initiative to develop linkages with AIESEC, which is a Global Youth Organization that facilitates international student exchange and internship programs around the globe.

Industry Tours 

An important part of student learning at HU includes field experience. Industry Tours can connect class learning with the world, making it tangible and memorable and students, gain practical experience by seeing hands-on methods and theories learned in classes.